Andrea Lord is an accomplished and innovative men’s groomer, stylist and designer based in New York City. Her career started as a stylist in Los Angeles working with Frank Chevalier for David LaChapelle on his film for H&M. Lord continued as a wardrobe stylist on celebrity sets including editorials, music videos, commercials and look books.

After a decade of styling experience, Lord took the leap and embraced the challenge of reinventing herself in New York City by starting her venture as Creative Director and Chief Operating Officer of Son of John – a contemporary women’s ready to wear company. Son of John soon grew to be a resource for major retailers such as Barney’s, Shop Bop, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and over 365 boutiques worldwide.

With five years of retail success, Andrea took the knowledge and skills acquired through the challenges that business afforded her and transitioned from women’s fashion to men’s grooming. Lord began her new direction by combining her barber skills with the Tony & Guy Method. After seven years in the industry it led her to own her own hair studio in SoHo called Andrea Lord Studio.

Andrea’s unique androgynous style and her intimate work with her clients in the chair revealed her distinct ability to help people across all genders craft their style in a notable way. Through this foundation, she developed and nurtured her passion for men’s grooming by extending her experience to working with her mentor, Mira Chai Hyde on shoots for GQ (U.S.A., Germany, China) and working with the Creative Directors of Saks 5th Avenue in the Designer Department for Saks Catalog.

Andrea’s bi-coastal way of life, immersion in cultural diversity and interest in everything from high fashion to gritty street subcultures of New York, has garnered her the ability to look at projects through a multi-faceted lens.

“From the versatility of her career and composing a litany of experiences, Lord is able to craft a vision of unique looks that are specific to the project at hand.”